He was born as the son of Spanish filipino father and Japanese mother. He started learning piano when he was 3 and also guitar at the age of 14, influenced by his bassist father.
DURAN was a former member of the bands such as The ROOTLESS, a flood of circle, and Made in Asia.
He finally debuts as a solo artist in November 2017. Released His 1st album "FACE" featuring Suga Shikao, Kiyoharu, Katsuma(coldrain).
DURAN has been on tours as a guitarist with musicians such as Koshi Inaba (B’z) and Suga Shikao, Kiyoharu. He also formed a band RED DIAMOND DOGS with ATSUSHI (EXILE).

ギタリスト DURAN(デュラン)
スパニッシュ系フィリピン人の父と日本人の母の間に生まれ、3歳からピアノ、14歳からギターを始める。The ROOTLESS、a flood of circle、Made in Asia などのバンドを経て、2017年11月よりソロ活動を開始。
2018年7月11日(水)にはフィーチャリングにスガ シカオと清春、親交の深い Katsuma(coldrain)を迎え、ソロでは初となる1st album「FACE」をリリース。ツアーやイベント出演など精力的に活動中。
稲葉浩志、スガ シカオ、清春といったアーティストのサポートも務めるほか、EXILE ATSUSHI率いるバンド RED DIAMOND DOGSにも加入。